Cedar Street Capital (“CSC”) is responsible for capitalizing and managing all the assets in the Cedar Companies portfolio. From acquisition to construction to disposition, CSC ensures that the optimal capital structure is maintained for all its projects. CSC is responsible for ongoing asset management, including lender and investor reporting. To accomplish this, CSC relies on the input of the other business segments of Cedar Companies, including residential leasing, commercial leasing and property management. Additionally, CSC leverages its large network of lender contacts to offer third party mortgage banking.

In addition to investing its own money, Cedar Street Capital has a number of

strategic partners that invest alongside CSCP. They include: institutional, family office and high net worth investors. Additionally, CSCP maintains relationships with a number of lenders, both national and local. Investment capital is sourced directly by Cedar Street Capital.

Cedar Street Capital invests in all major domestic markets, across all major asset classes. We target distressed/opportunistic investments with a value-add component.

Its team is supported by real estate professionals with expertise in real estate development, private equity/finance, accounting, asset management and legal.

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