JAYMICHAELIVING™ (JML) is a lifestyle brand. Lifestyle Architect, Jay Michael, believes that “a compelling product begins with the first impression, collaborating on the details to create a cohesive identity and ends as a part of a bigger lifestyle.” Brand it; design it; build it; sell it. First impressions are everything. A positive lasting impression is achieved by the perfect curation of all our senses. To design well is to work within the parameters of the brand and its constraints while seamlessly creating a compelling offering to a consumer. We see construction as a craft, an art if you will. To plan and develop is paramount, but taking this wisdom and creating a tangible structure structure that looks, feels and even smells like our brand is far more than just physical labor. To sell it, we’ve

learned the hard way that no one can speak in our voice as well as the people that bring us to the finish line.

Featured in outlets such as Better Homes and Gardens as well as Renovations Style, JAYMICHAELIVING™ has widespread recognition for design excellence. JAYMICHAELIVING™ has an understanding for consumer demand, creating a powerful blend of high quality design and value-engineering. By updating obsolete floor plans and carving out more functional space (branded as “smart spaces”), Cedar Street Companies can command a premium for the unit using small but efficiently laid-out floor plans.

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