Janet Davies of 190 North visits FLATS The Lawrence House

190 North visits The Lawrence House

The Lawrence House Hotel was built in 1925 and hosted the likes of Charlie Chaplin back in its heyday. Today, the classic art deco building in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood has earned a spot on the National Register of Historic places and its enjoying a re-birth of sorts as an apartment residence. However, it’s not your average apartment building.

Tiny houses are big now, and the “live small” trend isn’t lost on the urban set. The Lawrence House Hotel has been lovingly restored and morphed into a “microapartment mecca.”

We hung out with some of LH’s happy residents, who showed us how they live in less than 400 square feet. We also checked out some of the building’s great amenities, such as a fitness center, rooftop deck, bar, coffee shop and even a diner.

ABC 7, 190 North