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Larry’s Is Like a Hotel Bar—in an Apartment Building

There’s no signage advertising it on the street, so this Uptown spot feels like a hidden gem.

Don’t worry—just because Larry’s (1020 W. Lawrence Ave., Uptown) is located inside an apartment building and said apartment building has no exterior signage advertising the place doesn’t mean it’s not above board. Really, it’s like the coolest, lounge-iest hotel bar. It’s just that the people walking through the lobby aren’t checking in for the night—they live there.

The bar itself is tiny: just a few tables and a couple stools. But you can take your cocktails out into the lobby area, or, once the weather gets nicer, onto an adjoining patio. It’s inviting and cozy, ideal for taking up residence for the evening.

Here’s what we saw when we stopped by.

Chicago Magazine | Peter Ranvestel and Carrie Schedler