Curbed Chicago

FLATS Chicago Wants To Put Micro-Dwellings On The Map

Micro-dwellings may be more associated with high-rent, densely populated cities like New York and San Francisco, but local developer Cedar Street Companies is actively working to change that perception. Located throughout the city’s north side, the company’s FLATS developments offer a range of residences from studio, one and two bedroom apartments, to duplexes, penthouses and flexible fully furnished micro-dwelling rentals dubbed “Short Stays“. Currently, the company has five properties completed in the FLATS line, but has three more buildings in the pipeline. We were invited to check out the reworked 4+1 building

at 5411 N. Winthrop Ave. which will contain a total of 96 residences when completed, and the nearby 4875 N. Magnolia Ave. property which features a variety of residences, including the company’s Short Stay units….
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