Cedar Street Capital is responsible for capitalizing and managing all the assets in the Cedar Companies portfolio. From acquisition to construction to disposition, CSC ensures that the optimal capital structure is maintained for all its projects. CSC is responsible for ongoing asset management, including lender and

investor reporting. To accomplish this, CSC relies on the input of the other business segments of Cedar Companies, including residential leasing, commercial leasing and property management. Additionally, CSC leverages its large network of lender contacts to offer third party mortgage banking. More Info

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JAYMICHAELIVING™ (JML) is a lifestyle brand. Lifestyle Architect, Jay Michael, believes that “a compelling product begins with the first impression, collaborating on the details to create a cohesive identity and ends as a part of a bigger lifestyle.” Brand it; design it; build it; sell it. Featured in outlets such as Better Homes and Gardens as well as Renovations Style, JML has widespread

recognition for design excellence. JML has an understanding for consumer demand, creating a powerful blend of high quality design and value-engineering. By updating obsolete floor plans and carving out more functional space (branded as “smart spaces”), Cedar Street Companies can command a premium for the unit using small but efficiently laid-out floor plans. More Info

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Established Always

FLATS® Chicago’s mission is to bring big style in smart spaces by delivering high quality, amenity rich, and authentic environments at approachable rents. FLATS has received national acclaim with media outlets such as Bloomberg, Bravo TV, Crain’s Business, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Home & Garden, and Renovation Style. Co-branding synergies with national retailers such as

CB2 and others has further propagated the FLATS brand. By offering a visible, packaged, and consistently high quality product and management, FLATS has become a trusted name. Tenants know they get a consistently high quality rental unit and a professionally managed building regardless of which FLATS product they live in. More Info

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Specializing in urban infill, new construction and historical preservation, Method Construction provides new life to all projects and urban developments. With a progressive approach, Method carefully manages all phases of the real estate development from concept, through

formwork to complete build out. Operating with integrity, accountability, and a mutual respect for the vision of all projects and team members, Method has successfully completed a variety of multi-family, commercial, and historical preservation projects.More Info

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Cedar Street Commercial is a fully integrated commercial real estate firm focused on the acquisition and repositioning of distressed and value-add opportunities throughout the greater Chicago markets and beyond. Through our internal service platforms, including construction, leasing, property and asset management, receivership, and

debt financing, we have the strategic ability to acquire, redevelop, recapitalize and deliver bottom line results to our investors on all property types and sizes. Our ability to close on complex transactions in expedited timeframes has led to the acquisition of over 2 million square feet of property throughout the greater Chicagoland area. More Info

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Estate Properties is a property management company focusing on large scale multi-family buildings in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Over the years, Estate Properties has managed hundreds of units which have fostered a wide range of relationships with housing

specialists and leaders of community development. These relationships and years of experience, allows Estate Properties to offer its residents, and neighbors, a high level of serviceability and professional property management. More Info

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